Grammer 2 is a project started by Zeda Thomas. They have done so much to maintain this project. This fork is just for my contributions.

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For a tutorial/documentation on the commands open /readme/commands.html Once downloads are ready, you'll be able to find them in the releases section.

Before going on, I do want to thank @NonstickAtom. I had to delete the commit history because I was misusing git, and that has unfortunately removed the logs of many of NonstickAtom's contributions to the project (especially in documentation).


If you want to build this project yourself, you'll first need to clone the repository:

git clone --recursive-submodules

This project uses spasm-ng to compile, and I use Linux. On windows you can either use the linux subsytem(only on windows 10) and install spasm from there or you can download the spasm-ng for Windows release.

*NOTE: at the time of this writing, it appears that spasm-ng has a bug that doesn't parse the name field correctly. Please use this version for now: alberthdev/spasm-ng/tree/feature/app-name-var-size. If you are on Windows, @NonstickAtom785 has built the fixed version and posted it here with permission.*


From the command line, run ./compile


Download Windows spasm-ng release, rename it to spasm.exe and place it in the project directory. From command prompt or powershell cd to the project directory and run compile.bat.

This generates the jump table and compiles the app and Grammer package.